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The Naomi Project - An OCL Validation Framework

The Nameless OCL Metamodel Interpreter (Naomi) project develops an OCL 1.5 interpretation and validation framework. To extend the definition of OCL constraints from UML to arbitrary models a model interface is provided. It accesses required model information to import a model into the OCL context. A MOF Bridge implements the model interface to support MOF 1.4 compliant metamodels.



The validator follows the classical pipe-and-filter architecture chaining a parser, context checker and interpreter (s. figure 1).
The Framework's Architecture
Figure 1: The Framework's Architecture
The input consists of a set of OCL constraints and a description of a model and a respective model instance. In order to make this description amenable to analysis, a model abstraction layer is developed. It consists of an abstract model and a bridge to the MOF. On the one hand the abstract model acts as an interface controlling the access to and the information about OCL concepts included in the model input. On the other hand the MOF Bridge supports MOF compliant metamodels as it implements the abstract model with the corresponding model descriptions. The import of a MOF compliant metamodel described by the XML Metadata Interchange format into a concrete MOF repository technology enables our framework to interpret and validate OCL constraints on corresponding model instances. This especially allows us to validate constraints defined on the UML metamodel in its varying versions and subsequently respective UML Profiles.

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